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Maggie shares mindfulness with a creative spin. She completed courses at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre in the UK and Hong Kong Center For Mindfulness, featured in a documentary Creativity Is ,and is a certified yoga teacher.

As a junior tennis representative for Hong Kong, eleven years ago, Maggie began practising yoga after retiring from tennis, and yoga became the topic for her Anthropology Master thesis. After working in the United Nations, non-profit and social innovation, it came to her that the most profound changes come from within, and from the self to others; thus shifting her focus on well-being.

Bringing well-being into the city, Maggie creates sensory experiences; she cofounded a city perfumery nose hk, on smell and emotions, inspired by Hong Kong’s history as an incense producer, and leads sensory walks. She is also behind Courage Piece, a conversation piece over Chinese chess to “en-courage”. Previously she cofounded The Pocket Parks Collective, using art and urban interventions to humanize the city.

She led mindfulness for Innopower@JC: Fellowship for Teachers, Innopower@JC: Fellowship for Social Workers and Fellowship for Golden Age Foundation; and she shares her practice through partnerships with organizations such as eslite, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Cancer FundGeneral Assembly, Hong Kong Green Building CouncilEdnovatorsnew life 330 (under the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association). She teaches at Yoga Aloha and is also a yoga therapist for the Hong Kong Pain Medicine Centre.

Maggie’s family name, Lin (連) means “to connect”, same meaning as the Sanskrit word for yoga, “yuj”. She believes that well-being can come from better connecting the body and mind, with others, and with the world around us.


She offers private sessions, group classes, corporate classes, and tailored workshops on yoga and mindfulness. Taking a creative approach, she leads experiences where well-being meets art and design, often with a sensory spin.

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