In February, The Pocket Parks Collective was invited to give a workshop at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on transforming underutilized space on campus. Nicknamed the “University of Stress and Tension”, one of the issues students want to target is one of having too much pressure from studying.

Student sharing about their project idea, identifying the issues they are trying to address.
Using design thinking as a tool to better identify issues and project ideas.

The workshop was attended by a group of five talented students from Japan, India, China and Hong Kong, all under the Eco-Reps managed by the Sustainability Unit. The aim of their project is to appropriate spatial resources and make the campus more fun.

Incredible view on campus.


Through the interactive workshop using design thinking as a tool, we worked together to identity the top concern for the students, and what they are trying to address through their work. Locking down stress as the number one challenge they want to tackle, we offered different ways that their ideas of using swings, stargazing spot, and de-stressing corner could be made effective, viable, and leveraging their incredible view of the sea and proximity to nature, which are rarity in Hong Kong. We were able to help steer the students to refine their plans to become more specifically targeting that issue: allowing fellow students to relax, vent their emotions, de-stress, while connecting them with their peers in a fun way.

With the support from the Sustainability Unit, students under this innovative bottom-up programme will be experimenting and implementing the changes in the coming few months. We look forward to seeing some exciting changes on campus!

Happy faces after the workshop, showcasing the doodles we drew of each other as icebreaker.




Workshop on Underutilized Space at HKUST
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