A delight sharing about my work to cultivate body-mind connection through yoga, mindfulness and sensory experiences at TEDx Wanchai Open Mic in June, 2016. Facing an audience of 300, talking about the personal journey and how it has inspired me into doing this work, is a deeply touching experience.

It seemed slightly intimidating to share about my stories, and I had to really put my mindfulness practice to use so that I wasn’t visibly nervous while talking. But as I followed the heart, to share what I knew deep within needed to be shared, it was the most liberating experience, allowing the audience and I to connect. After the talk, many people came up to me and said how courageous it was to share and congratulated me.

If for nothing else, I just feel really proud of myself 🙂

Check out the evening’s highlight in this video.

TEDx Wanchai Open Mic
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