Stories, conversation and human connection are also key to cultivate empathy, to make the city more humanistic, and our everyday life more fun.

Sunset Tea Bar is a pop-up cafe to connect strangers through a conversation menu, to create serendipitous encounters and cultivate empathy.

The latest iteration of the conversation experience is nose bar. It is inspired by nose hk, a city perfumery which I co-created, and collected 2,000 smell memories from people.  Inviting people to open up their senses, connect with others through a conversation menu on smell topics. It was invited by eslite bookstore, one of the biggest bookstores in Hong Kong, at their store in Causeway Bay.

Courage Piece introduces “courage” into Chinese chess, to collect people’s stories of their courageous experience, to en-courage.

Urbanism Projects

Urban Acupuncture comes up with localized, quick and low-cost therapeutic actions to heal the city. Circles of Colour, as part of Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, Hong Kong, covered the street with circles, before turning it into a twister game to connect with the city and cultivate ownership.

As a local chapter leader for GOOD HK, part of GOOD, international media company, I build community and organize events around socially good topics.
I also lead design thinking workshops, including Design Thinking for Green Lifestyles for the Hong Kong Tertiary Schools COP21 Challenge.
Many of these creative urbanism projects were co-created under The Pocket Parks Collective, an art group to make the city more humanistic, cofounded with Rachel Yan.