It was a pleasure giving a guest lecture at the School of Design
at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, titled “Conversation, Empathy and Giving” sharing how to design experiences to engage in deep conversations, develop empathy, which allows better understanding of user needs, to help students design interface/installation which encourages charitable donation in the future. Shared a few tips on interviewing from my own journalism and anthropology training, and drawing from experience at the Pocket Parks Collective.
Presenting each other after doodle exerciseReally enjoyed sharing these topics which I believe are not only useful for understanding user needs but for our humanity.

Also shared examples of a few of my favorite charitable campaigns to engage and entice giving behavior, as well as experiential workshops designed to bring about social change.

Delighted to have the chance to share these with budding designers as I have long wanted to apply my anthropological skills to help design human-centered products and services. Look forward to doing more of these to bridge anthropology and design, architecture, public space, and more to bring about a society that puts serving people’s needs as a top priority.

This was for 40 students in the subject “Studio II” under the BA in Interactive Media.

You can find the presentation here.

Class in School of Design

Guest lecture on Charity, Empathy and Design
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