Integrating mindfulness into the city, I co-created with Rachel Yan, nose hk, a pop-up perfumery to connect people with the city through the sense of smell.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s name, Fragrant Harbour, from our past as an incense producer. During the 100-day exhibition at Oi! Street Art Space, we collected 2,000 smell memories from visitors.

Through nose hk I have led a creative sensory walk; inviting people to become fully present, open up the senses, and explore the city through our nose and beyond.

An invitation to sharpen our senses, be fully present; for connections within, and with the surroundings.

We were also invited to set up nose bar @eslite, a conversation cafe on smells, to connect strangers, at eslite bookstore in Causeway Bay on April 9, 2016.