Visited a library park in Medellin, Leon de Greiff, in the La Ladera district. Named after a Colombian poet, this library park is one of the major urbanism projects of Medellin under the mayor Sergio Fajado, whose term was 2004-2007. Library park system is the major project of Fajado, who believed that education is the key to solving poverty and violence in the city. His slogans include “The best for those who needs it most”, which rings true as I took Spanish lessons at a private university in Medellin, and in comparison, the facilities and books are newer and more comprehensive than that in the private university.

The computers were busy with many young users, as computer is not a household item for the average household in Medellin. Although not an overwhelming number of people were reading or borrowing books.  I have been told that it is popular amongst the residents who live nearby, but is rarely visited by people from other neighbourhoods as the bus fee is unaffordable.

Outside, people bring their dogs and fly kites, play ball games, spend time with their kids and family; at this area which formerly had a prison and was dangerous.

The view from the top is impressive, allowing for almost the whole of Medellin. It is covered in graffiti, and connected to a pedestrian pathway,and were groups of young people spend time, play football, go to the swimming pool. There is also a strong police presence on the rooftop to make sure it is  safe.

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Library Park Leon de Greiff
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