IMG_2533Two years ago when I was in Cuzco, Peru, I met a German lady who quit her job to go on a spiritual search, to find a path that truly resonates with her. She went fire walking several times, and practiced ‘heart meditation’, all promised to bring her closer to her soul.
One day, over breakfast, she told me how miserable she had been feeling:
‘Maggie, I feel so bad. In Germany, I have millet everyday for breakfast. It is so good for my body. I am really upset that I can’t find it here, and I have to eat these other food that aren’t suitable for me.’
I remember thinking: but this continent has one of the most diverse offerings of grains, fruits and vegetables!

Looking at the plate of millet in front of me, I am transported back to our conversation.
We always have a choice: to focus on what we have, or the have-nots. It is a conscious decision that we can make, every single moment.
If we can’t stop looking at our have-nots, over time, that’s all we can see: the “deficiencies” in our lives.

But we can always choose again.

Sometimes it is really useful to be reminded.

Have vs. have-not
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