Maggie 01 Maggie 03Had the privilege to present my personal journey and how it led to my work in body-mind connection, yoga, senses, mindfulness, empathy and compassion in an Ednovators event, Love in Education. Also took the opportunity to present a new experience, ear bar, to cultivate deep listening.

In Chinese, the character for “listen”, 聽, has elements of ear, eye, heart (one-heart). maggie_ear barI interpret it as fully listening, seeing the other person, and using your heart, with full attention, while listening.

With so many challenges in the education system, manifesting in different forms, an embarkation point to solving this could be to encourage mindful communication. Through deep listening, we can start to understand each other, find out about others’ needs, and see our similarities. That can make a solid foundation for more humanistic decision-making, and to provide much-needed support for each other.

It was quite nerve-wrecking as it was first time I shared about my path and challenges, and how it influenced me to devote to the work I am doing now. Glad to see that the audience seems to receive it quite well.

Perhaps when you open your heart to share, you can touch others’ hearts too.

All 01 Write-up of the event and video (my part from 1:39:40), in Chinese /Cantonese.



ear bar
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